Smart speakers have been making a dent in our homes and lives little by little. With them it is possible control all the home automation accessories we have installed in our house, allowing users, for example, to turn on or off the lights, the television or check security cameras.

Apple’s proposal in this sector is the HomePod, a model that stands out for the sound quality it provides on its competitors. It integrates the Siri voice assistant, so users who have products compatible with HomeKit can manipulate them with their voice through the speaker.

While Apple’s competition in this world tends to update its smart speakers often (especially Amazon, which launched the Echo Studio a few months ago, a model that wants to rival the bitten apple alternative by offering technologies like Dolby Atmos), The HomePod launched in February 2018 and has not had any reviews. That is why many users wonder if Apple is working on a new model, and a reduction in its price for the company’s workers would indicate this.

From $ 299 to $ 149.50

Apple lowered the price of the HomePod in Spain and other countries from 349 euros to 329 euros, as well as in the United States, where you can find the Cupertino smart speaker for $ 299 instead of $ 349. Also, Apple workers can get the company’s cheaper products for the employee discount, so it’s not surprising that the HomePod is even cheaper for them.

However, the strange thing is that right now the discount is so high that you can buy the HomePod for half its price: $ 149.95. This has led to thinking that Apple wants to get rid of as much stock as possible before the arrival of a new version. And is that Apple would be working on a new model of HomePod, as well as iPad, MacBook Pro and Apple TV by the end of 2020.

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         Apple increases employee discount on HomePod purchase: new model in sight?