New measures and restrictions in Andalusia: what can be done, what not and how long do they last

The president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juan Manuel Moreno, has announced the extension of restrictions in the community until next December 10 through a video conference this Sunday. At the moment they will do it for 15 more days, although the measures will be reviewed again next month to determine what the situation is with the coronavirus and raise the restrictions for the Christmas holidays in the Andalusian region.

“It continues to be complicated with 345 Andalusians dead this week, 2,727 hospitalized 501 in ICU”, indicated the president, Moreno, about the situation of the pandemic in this last week at the meeting of the Advisory Committee on High Impact Public Health Alerts. A situation that continues to be critical in the face of the coronavirus so, advised by the expert committee, it has been decided to extend the restrictions “To save lives and all possible businesses and jobs.”

These new measures They will come into effect from 00:00 this next Tuesday, November 24, when current restrictions end. Still, the measurements will be the same. Andalusia will remain closed perimeter for another 15 days, as well as its municipalities, from which it will only be possible to leave with a justification, be it work, medical or care for the elderly, among others.

Non-essential commercial activity will have to close its establishments at 6:00 p.m. just like in the last few weeks. The hospitality industry will have one of the most important novelties in these new restrictions and that is that both bars and restaurants may remain open until 9:30 p.m., although only for what people can pick up their orders, but “in no case to consume inside.” Another of the sectors that are experiencing a small change for the next 15 days are toy sales establishments, who can serve their customers until 8:00 p.m.

Granada, the province most affected

Its situation is the most delicate in all of Andalusia, therefore, the Board will continue to maintain its total closure, including that of the essential establishments until next December 10. Although there will be an exception from Tuesday, the South Zone of Granada will lift the prohibitions, following the restrictions of the rest of the autonomous community.

The decision to close Granada comes despite the insistence of businessmen in the provinces to lift the limitations. “We know that it is a very complicated situation for many entrepreneurs”, indicated the president, Moreno, during the appearance, adding that this is the best option to stop the pandemic in the province and that will continue to support SMEs and the self-employed with various aid.

Uncertainty in Andalusia for Christmas

Many journalists have insisted on knowing what the situation in Andalusia will be with the Christmas holidays next month. Juan Manuel Moreno has explained that “We will try to find a Christmas with the maximum possible normality”, Although it is always a function of the progress of the pandemic and the figures that will be given in a few weeks. Thus, the president has not wanted to advance any of the measures, although he assures that they will not be massive dates or with massive events due to the situation.

“I hope that by that date the community can open up and there is mobility between provinces and between autonomous communities ”, added the president, hoping that families can meet on such special dates.