New measurements reveal Earth is closer than previously thought to the Milky Way’s black hole

Measurements from 1985 claimed that the Earth was 27,700 light years away from the black hole. The new ones reveal that we would be at least 25,800.

A group of Japanese scientists went to the trouble of conducting research that took them 15 years. It was an extensive time of work that had the purpose of making a map of the galaxy capable of achieving the highest possible accuracy. So when they made their measurements they noticed that the Earth is closer than previously thought, of the black hole in the center of the Milky Way.

In addition, according to the scientists’ study, published by Slash Gear, the Earth orbits at a different speed than this black hole. These researchers belong to National Astronomical Observatory in Japan. And in their study they revealed to the world that this is not a warning sign. It is simply a job that helps to better understand the positioning in our galaxy.

The black hole at the center of the galaxy is known as Sagittarius A. In 1985 an organization called the International Astronomical Union said that our planet was 27,700 light years from Sagittarius. Then the new work of the Japanese appeared, this same one that began in 2005. The use of the Very Long Baseline Interferometry Exploration of Radio Astronomy (radio telescope VER).

Thanks to this tool they detailed that instead of 27,700 light years, the Earth is 25,800 from Sagittarius.

The speed of the Earth towards the orbit of the black hole

In addition to knowing the Earth’s distance from the center of the galaxy, the speed at which our planet is heading towards the orbit of the black hole was also measured. At first it was believed that it was traveling at 220 kilometers per second, but the indicators showed that it is actually 227.

Finally, remember that these data do not show a danger about our existence. They just created a better position map showing the exact location of all 99 objects within our galaxy.