new logo, an imp as a mascot and madness as a motto

A little over a year ago, following in the wake of Redmi, POCO became an independent brand of Xiaomi. To this day, it continues undeniably bound to the womb (In fact, Xiaomi markets POCO terminals in Spain), but little by little – never better said – it is marking distance with it.

The latest measure announced by POCO India is a new logo that, under the motto #MadeOfMad, shows us its mascot, a kind of little devil with a saint’s crown called Mad. It seems that the pet thing is in fashion among Chinese brands because, remember, Realme already introduced us a couple of months ago to Realmeow as an ambassador.

« We are made of madness »

POCO India has announced a new logo that the brand has explained to Android Authority, evokes a confused emotion in the mind of the consumer. He further states that the new mascot has been designed with the intention of « redefining insanity » and is intended to represent all those individuals seeking better alternatives to the mainstream.

To do this, he opts again for a logo with the text of POCO, but this time, the second letter is replaced by the new Mad mascot, an emoji that has four main elements:

A halo or crown at the top it represents the feeling of goodness: « We are crazy, but for a cause. »

Some antennas that highlight Mad’s mischievous side; according to POCO, it’s as if your pet « could transmit insanity telepathically. »

Some eyes inclined that contrast with the halo of the upper part generating a certain incongruity.

A triangular mouth which is intended to subtly represent « the sharp wit » of the company.

As we see, in addition, the yellow color is still present, but it loses prominence in favor of other tones, and the typography also changes slightly: now, it is more rounded. For the moment, POCO Spain has not changed its image, neither on the website nor on its social networks, so we do not know if it will spread globally. What do you think of the new logo? And the pet?