Gusttavo Lima made a new live on his farm, raising funds for the Hospital do Câncer de Barretos (SP). During the show, the singer kissed his wife, Andressa Suita, and made the model a proposal, played with the lyrics of his song, and paid tribute to Gabriel Diniz, who died almost a year ago in a plane crash. Wearing a cape and hat, the ‘Ambassador’ got a meme on the web: ‘Zorro is different!’

Gusttavo Lima withdrew from the idea of ​​not having more lives after controversy with the agency that oversees advertising in Brazil and returned to perform at home. In addition, the “Ambassador” again showed interest in increasing the family with his wife, Andressa Suita. The couple are already parents of Gabriel, 3 years old, and Samuel, 2 years old. “You look wonderful. Let’s do a baby,” fired the countryman when he called the model and influenced for the live. “We agreed that I was going to be here in three years”, replied Andressa. “Three years? I’m going to work, then. I’m going to rehearse, can I?”

Gusttavo changed lyrics: ‘Open the Gate I’m a Gay’

This time, the intimate show and Gusttavo was also broadcast on TV (Band) and raised funds for the Barretos Cancer Hospital (in São Paulo). Betting on a structured blazer to honor her husband, Andressa got in the mood for the joke and when she heard from him that she was having a hot drink, she laughed: “Oh, good. I thought it was picão tea. It’s good for worm.” “Leave it to me that I give you, cat”, said the interpreter of “Milu”, “Respect Our End” and “Open the Gate that I Arrived”, whose verse was changed by Gusttavo himself to “Open the Gate that I Am” Gay “. A fireworks display ended the presentation.

Gusttavo honored Gabriel Diniz

Killed in an air accident in the Northeast almost a year ago, Gabriel Diniz was remembered by the sertanejo during the show. The artist chose “Paraquedas” to remember the forrozeiro. Last June, Andressa’s husband had already remembered his professional colleague during a show in Fortaleza and ended up not holding back his tears. Still on last night’s live, Gusttavo performed hits like “Rosas, Versos e Vinhos” and “Saudade Sua”.

Gusttavo’s costume yielded meme: ‘Zorro is different!’

When participating in the show, the mother of Gabriel and Samuel – who had their father’s lesson on how to “wink at the kittens” – praised her husband’s figure, with a cape and hat. “Love, you are very wonderful!”, Said the model after giving the singer a peck. “Did you like it? I dressed up for you,” replied the musician, who also approved the look of his children’s mother. “Oh, good, I’m happy with that. They left me away so I wouldn’t be in danger of attacking you,” she said. “You look wonderful,” praised Gusttavo. On the web, some fans compared the singer to Zorro, a classic character from movies and TV. “It’s different,” joked one. See some reactions!

(By Guilherme Guidorizzi)

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