New Lion. They ask not to use anticovid vaccine for partisan ends

Carolina Leon

Monterrey / 02.21.2021 10:42:32

When starting the process of vaccination against covid-19 in the entity, the Archdiocese of Monterrey launched a call to local and federal authorities to prevent this action from being stained with partisan overtones and that it is only carried out with the purpose of providing protection to the most vulnerable sectors.

In his Sunday message, Archbishop Rogelio Cabrera López indicated that it is of utmost importance that compliance with the vaccination process is prioritized.

« Thank God the vaccination process against covid-19 has already begun in some places in our state, so it is important that, according to the organization schemes presented, the brigades are carried out with the greatest care in places where they can shelter from adverse weather, and above all that there is always freedom for all people avoiding any partisan purpose, « he said at the conclusion of the first mass of the day.

Given the actions that are being carried out in rural municipalities, where it is reported that older adults have to wait a long time to be vaccinated, the archbishop urged those in charge to provide fair and supportive treatment, especially in these times that are have recorded freezing temperatures.

« Let’s not forget that the first to receive the vaccine are older adults, so the necessary steps must be taken to not make them wait longer than they should, » he mentioned.

Therefore, Cabrera López indicated that he hopes that the vaccination brigades against the coronavirus will be more agile and that soon more population will be able to be vaccinated.

“We hope that the process is effective and that the vaccines for the rest of the population will arrive soon, for now, as I asked last week, let us be patient and ask God to enlighten those who have in their hands the responsibility of achieving that we overcome the crisis ”, expressed the archbishop.

In this same sense, Rogelio Cabrera López pointed out that he hopes that soon the State will allow the temples to open on Sundays, to ensure that the parishioners live as the Lenten process is.