New LEGO Super Mario sets will hit the market in time to start 2021

By Sebastian Quiroz 0 COMMENTS 11/17/2020 8:33 am

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Last August we saw the launch of LEGO Super Mario, which offers us a quite unique interactive experience. Now, after some time in silence, today it has been revealed that You can start 2021 with a new collection of levels, costumes and expansions that will increase your collection.

Starting January 1, 2021, a new series of character packs, Tanuki and Penguin Mario costumes, three expansions and a collection called Master Your Adventure Maker Set, which will put all your creativity to the test.

To start, The Master Your Adventure Maker Set is a collection of 366 pieces, which includes a new starter pipeline that challenges players to beat levels in the shortest time possible for bigger coin rewards, and includes an Iggy Koopa figure. All of this is priced at $ 60.



On the other hand, the three new expansions take into consideration different pockets. We found the set $ 40 Wiggle’s Poison Swamp, Piranha Plant’s $ 30 Puzzling Challenge and finally we have Chain Chomp Jungle Encounter for only $ 20.

As for the power-up suits, For $ 10 you can transform Mario into his Penguin and Tanuki forms. Finally, new mystery bags will also be on sale for $ 10, where you can find new items and characters.

All these collectibles will be on sale starting next January 1, 2021.



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