New lawsuit against Nintendo confirmed for Joy-Con drift

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The success of Nintendo Switch has also been accompanied by a controversial fact that has to do with the failure of its Joy-Con controls, the now famous “Joy-Con Drift”, which has made users angry, as it seems that it is something that will happen sooner rather than later and regardless of whether the hands are put to rough or partial use. As a result of this, some players have decided to take action on the matter legally and it was recently confirmed that a new lawsuit has been filed against Nintendo for the same problem.

A Polygon report shared details about the lawsuit that has been brought against Nintendo by a group of users represented by a law firm in Seattle, Washington DC, who have been victims of the infamous “Joy-Con Drift” and now want set an important precedent against the Japanese company. According to the information, the lawsuit cites the case of a minor, Switch user, who suffered from “Joy-Con Drift” just 3 months after the console was released, a situation that found a response from Nintendo, but that was repeated again and this time represented a cost of $ 40 USD for the repair, it is worth mentioning that this was repeated with 3 pairs of controls for the hybrid console.

In that sense, the lawsuit includes a technical study carried out by an expert, who concluded that the problem is due to premature wear of the inner pads of the Joy-Con, as well as a microscopic review that shows damage to the circuits. Likewise, the lawsuit indicates that Nintendo is aware of this problem and has done nothing to solve it and, on the contrary, continues to sell the same product, including the Switch Lite variant, with the same questionable quality in its controls.

As for the accusation, the cited document refers to the accusation towards Nintendo regarding illegal, unfair behavior to the detriment of the user and even fraud against the consumer.

This new demand takes place within a problem that has accompanied the life cycle of Switch and that has resulted in a public apology by Nintendo and the offer to repair the affected Joy-Con for free in those markets where their warranties are covered.

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