NEW JERSEY – Everything seemed to work on Saturday at one of New Jersey’s beaches: nice temperatures and people following the rules of estrangement on the day of the reopening of state parks in the Garden State. A perfect day to visit the arena for many residents.

Island Beach State Park, in Ocean County, was one of the parks that reopened and attracted hundreds of people to a beach that during the summer is visited by thousands of them.

An Associated Press journalist was in
the place for about four hours and he observed that almost everyone complied
with the rule of staying six feet away to prevent spread
of the virus.

However, that does not mean that everyone
did: a small group of people, wearing Rutgers shirts over
their bathing suits, reclined on towels six inches apart in
six foot place. And some people would greet their friends with hugs and be
they were approaching them.

But for the most part, beach visitors did exactly what state officials asked them to do: keep their distance while having fun in the sun. More than half of the visitors wore face masks, even in the strong sun during temperatures reaching 70 degrees.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy
He said he was satisfied with the initial reports, not just from the park.
beachfront but also other state parks and some fields
golf that reopened on Saturday.

“So far, so good,” he said.
during their daily briefing on Saturday afternoon.

The Democratic governor said he was dependent on the
behavior of crowds on the beach to decide when and how to reopen
the famous beaches of the state coast.

“I really missed this,” said David.
Roebuck of Berkeley Township, who was one of the first to touch the sand
with his wife, Margie.

“Forty-six days in the house were
enough, “he said.

Toms River’s Christina and Theresa Erb went with
their children to the beach and gave them the opportunity to run and have fun.

“The children were turning
crazy people, “said Christina Erb.” They asked: why did they close the

“This feels wonderful,” he added.
Theresa Erb. “It feels like normal is back a little bit.”

At 10:00 a.m. m. , there were 30 people in the
sand on one of the beaches that people can visit in the park. At
11:00 a.m. m., there were already 100, and at 2 p. m., several hundred.

The park has a capacity for about 1,200
cars. State officials said they planned to close it if the capacity
it reached 50%. By late afternoon, several state parks had
reached half capacity and no more people were allowed in.

Dogs played on a leash and smelled
other dogs as they leaped across the sand.

A couple of teens tossed a soccer ball from side to side, with hundreds of meters of empty space around them. The children dug in the sand, and two large pods of dolphins swam, delighting the bathers.