ORn 10-year-old Dominican boy is emerging as a star on YouTube and has just released his channel. This is Jean Cristian Conille, who speaks three languages: English, French and Spanish, and who practices various martial arts including “krav maga” and “kung fu”.

Conille is emerging as a youtuber of collective interest, for games, sports, “games”, in which he specializes.

The channel of the infant, which has the support of his parents and started when he was barely eight years old making videos, is called J2C Games.

Jean, who is in the fourth grade and is worthy of school, started the idea of ​​creating content with the aim of helping his family, for which he promised that “one day he would become a successful youtuber” and that he would make millions like the child prodigy. Ryan, who at just eight years old, generated about $ 22 million through his YouTube channel.

Jean declared himself a fan of Ryan, as well as Lanky Box and Guava Juice, who have almost 4 and 15 million subscribers, respectively.

Conille on the public screen, which has the YouTube channel: J2Cgames, it was nine (9) years ago when he was only 11 months old that he won the swimming competition at the country’s Naval Academy becoming the youngest national champion.

The JC channel (J2C Games), whose hobby is: playing video games, watching movies and making videos, will feature interviews with celebrities, athletes, public figures, curiosities and informative tips for the smallest of the house.

The boy, who practices soccer, tennis and basketball, has the full support of his parents, who, in addition to motivating him to study and prepare, have been involved in giving support, supervising and delivering the tools he has needed. for creating your tutorial videos.


Jean Cristian Conille affirms that his priority is studies and he is a deserving student at his school. In addition to Spanish, he is fluent in English and French, allowing him to actively communicate with the virutal community.

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