One more year Apple has chosen the month of September to launch its Keynote. This year is special since, as happened with WWDC 2020, they have prepared it for a digital audience instead of face-to-face because of COVID-19. But this has not stopped those from Cupertino when it comes to presenting the new iPad 8 plus the new iPad Air.

iPad 8, the saga continues

Tim Cook has celebrated the popularity of his mobile team. But it is not worth saying, the bitten apple wants to maintain its position of power by presenting two new products on the market. The first of these is the 8th generation iPad. The device maintains the essence of classic design, with a 10.2-inch Retina display and a FaceTime camera to make video calls. In the back it will have a 100% recycled aluminum housing on the back plus an 8 MPX camera.

If we focus on its interior, those of Cupertino boast of an A12 Bionic processor with neural motor to streamline tasks. So much so that the chip will have a CPU 40 percent faster and with twice the graphics capacity. It will have an autonomy of close to 10 hours and as in previous versions it will have a version with and without compatibility with mobile networks. As a great novelty, iPad 8 will have a USB C port for charging.

Regarding its price and availability, andl iPad 8 is now available to order starting Friday, September 18, with a Starting price of $ 329 for the Wi-Fi model and $ 459 for the Wi-Fi + mobile model. It will arrive in silver, space gray and gold colors and two configurations of 32 and 128 GB.

iPad Air with Pro design

The other device that was unveiled today during Apple’s Keynote 2020, with the permission of the Apple Watch Series 6 and SE, is the iPad Air. The truth is that the company’s lightest equipment was due for a revision and this has done it in the best way imaginable. This is noticeable from the first glance with a design that It is very reminiscent of the iPad Pro with its 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display with thinner edges.

And is that Apple’s new lightweight tablet does not have a Home button, although yes it has TouchID integrated into the power button on the top. As for the rear we find a single 12 MPX camera, while the front FaceTime will be 7 MPX.

ipad air diapo

If we focus on the inside of the machine, the board will have a better processor than the one seen in the iPad 8. Specifically, it will be the A14 Bionic the one who will orchestrate the entire operation of the machine. It will also have dedicated artificial intelligence on the chip, giving it up to ten times faster processing speed. It will also come in two space configurations, in your case of 64 and 256 GB internal.

As for the price of the iPad Air 2020 we will have two variants if we only want WiFi or WiFi + Mobile networks. The first one will cost from 599 dollars and the second from 729 dollars. Will arrive next month And you’ll have a choice of five colors to choose from (Silver, Space Gray, Rose Gold, Green, and Sky Blue).

iPad 14 in both, but different Apple Pencil

One of the differences that we find when comparing the iPad 8 with the iPad Air 2020 is its compatibility. And we don’t say it for iPadOS 14, since the operating system of the bitten apple will reach both devices. We are talking about the Apple Pencil, and it is that the classic version will support the first generation of the stylus. This will be different on the iPad Air, which will have a magnetic space on one of the sides to hold and charge it as we saw in the iPad Pro.