Intel released new microcode last week to fix security vulnerabilities in your processors related to microarchitecture data sampling (MDS), similar in relevance to those of Specter and Meltdown.

To be more precise, we would have to talk about “mitigating” because some vulnerabilities such as Specter type cannot be completely solved except with a hardware change that uses a different architecture. In any case, its installation is recommended and here we review how to do it manually.

These types of updates are special as they are intended to patch hardware vulnerabilities that require not only a software fix, but also firmware level changes. Also, not all of these updates are available from Windows Update for all computers and require a manual installation.

Intel Microcode for Windows 10

Intel update affects 56 different models of processors of the extensive catalog of the company and under the following families:

Amber Lake Avoton Broadwell Cascade Lake Cascade Lake Coffee Lake Comet Lake Haswell Kaby Lake Skylake Valley View Whiskey Lake

If you have difficulty locating the specific processor model that your computer uses, you can verify it in the Windows 10 device manager, accessible from the control panel or directly by right-clicking on the start button.

Or better, for more complete information, you can use applications like CPU-Z that we saw yesterday in the software special to evaluate the performance of a PC. Once executed we will see that our CPU is within the patched models.

Microsoft has published a group of updates that include the Intel microcode for Windows 10, differentiated by their edition and where Microsoft offers information on the affected models:

Although some users who run certain versions of CPU will be able to locate the patches through Windows Update, they will not be all, so you can refer to the Update Catalog where are all and for all supported CPUs, differentiated by version of the operating system as we have seen and in option for 64 and 32 bits, as well as versions of Windows Server.

Intel microcode for Windows 10

It is only necessary to access the catalog, enter the KB number, download the file with an .msu extension and run it. To finish the installation, restart the computer. Intel microcode updates for Windows 10 have caused stability issues in the past with older CPUs or a slight loss of performance.

For these cases and for all that involve an update of the operating system we highly recommend activate the Windows restore points and thus be able to go back to a previous stage where the computer worked correctly before installing the updates.