The entire wrestling community held their breath and prepared for disaster when an NXT development talent who had been part of the public on the June 9 recordings tested positive for Covid-19. WWE finally went through the process of evaluating each of its cast and staff after the positive result, and thankfully it seems like no one else has been infected. However, as soon as the news broke, Kevin Owens had let WWE know that he was not going to attend the WWE RAW recordings that week.

That said, it has not been known when Kevin could return to WWE and when he is expected to fight for the company again. According to a Fightful Select report, the exact status of Kevin Owens’ return to WWE is still up in the air, though there are some expectations that he may return soon.

Update on Kevin Owens’ return to WWE

Kevin Owens is known for being one of the best fighters currently in WWE. However, with the positive result for the unnamed NXT development talent, he decided not to enter the next RAW recordings.

It has been confirmed that he will not appear in the next episode of WWE RAW and he informed WWE that he would be absent shortly after the news of the positive test result came out.

Apparently, there is no resentment towards him in backstage, for choosing not to appear and WWE did not pressure him to participate in the recordings. They hoped that Kevin Owens would be present in the next series of recordings and firmly return to the proceedings in the next pay-per-event, namely WWE Extreme Rules. However, they are unsure of the status of his return to WWE at the moment.

Since Kevin Owens was very respectful in expressing what he intended to do, and was very open about it, there is no bad milk or anything around Kevin Owens at the moment at the company.

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