New INAH guidelines canceled; they yield to disagreement

MEXICO CITY. After the Federal Ministry of Culture (SC) and the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) yesterday suspended the new guidelines for archaeological research imposed a month ago by INAH itself, which aroused the disagreement of the community of Mexican archaeologists, Diego Prieto promised that, before September, the Technical Archive of the National Archeology Coordination will be relocated at the National Museum of Anthropology (MNA).

So he said to Excelsior after the videoconference with Alejandra Frausto and he assured that all his collection –now located on Avenida Revolución 1900– will be transferred to the same level where his Codices Vault is, on the ground floor, and not in a basement as it had transpired.

Prieto will propose that the collection be renamed as National Archives of Archeology, since it protects more than 130 years of history of archaeological work with special funds from national and foreign researchers, books, maps, historical photographs, plans, drawings and historical documents and with autograph signatures, such as that of former president Porfirio Díaz.

At the time, Alejandra Frausto denied that there are unworthy contracts in archaeological work, as denounced by archaeologist Leonardo López Luján and other experts on the subject. “In no way are there unworthy contracts, much less lack of interest in the most important thing we have, which is the archaeological heritage of Mexico,” he said.

He assured that archaeologists Leonardo López Luján and Eduardo Matos, “whom I respect a lot and have appreciation and affection for, know that we are committed to this issue, which is of common interest to archaeologists, researchers and the SC”.

Even, he said, the issue has been addressed more than in previous years and its dignity has been sought, and “not only to guarantee that the projects continue, but that in the case of the Mayan area it is invested in areas where they weren’t done (jobs) a long time ago”.

And he justified that the budget assigned to the archaeological and viceregal heritage has not been less, “but there have been budget increases in the sector, but we are open to discuss it with them or with whoever they decide,” although he admitted that this growth is focused on recovery. of the equity affected by the 2017 earthquakes.

In his speech, Frausto announced that the Cencalli of the Chapultepec Project is at 95%, which will open on September 29 and spoke of the amounts allocated to the maintenance and expansion of museums and archaeological sites such as the Museum of Modern Art (50 million pesos), the Tamayo (17 million pesos), the National Museum of Anthropology (80 million pesos), Palenque (206 million pesos), the Puuc Route (116 million pesos) and Chichén Itzá (165 million pesos), which will have a site museum.

Frausto was also questioned about the issuance of the ‘memorandum of understanding’ to guarantee the rebuilding of the Julio Jiménez Rueda Theater, after the property where it is located was sold. “As for Jiménez Rueda, the memorandum is signed by Secretary Arturo Herrera, from the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP), but we have met on a daily basis for various issues”, and is in its last process, “although the most important thing is to have the certainty that a theater will exist in that space and that commitment is very clear, “he said.

The owner was also questioned about the resolution of observations made by the SC before the Superior Audit of the Federation (ASF), after the observations it received. “As for the ASF, the SC has delivered 100% (of the documentation) and they are under review, but it seems to me that they have 120 days to perform their review.”

For her part, Lucina Jiménez reported that the Coordination of Visual Arts of the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature (INBAL) withdrew the collection of the Rufino Tamayo Biennial, which was located in the Museum of Contemporary Art of Oaxaca (MACO), which faces financial difficulties and defaults to its workers.

Finally, Diego Prieto spoke about the impact on the properties of Oztoyahualco, Teotihuacan and acknowledged that the investigation is ongoing, although, probably, the owner will have to hand over the properties to INAH to repair the damage or be subject to expropriation, “but perhaps nor is it required, because if the responsibility for committing the crime is proven, he would have to pay it with corporal punishment and a fine up to the value of the damage caused and the value far exceeds that of the properties he owns ”.

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