New images of Robert Pattinson’s Batman confirm the aesthetic changes of the new movie of the character

The quality of the leaked images is not the best in the world (quite possibly, Warner will end up showing them officially sooner rather than later), since They come from photographs made to an official calendar of the new Batman movie, starring Robert Pattinson. In them you can see that the character’s uniform has undergone a considerable redesign, gray is perceived as the predominant color over black and a curious shape for the cape, which has been sparking discussions for months (I particularly like it, it returns to the a pulp character like ‘The Shadow’).

In Engadget From the violent trailer of the new Batman to the spectacular Justice League and Wonder Woman. Everything advertised on the DC FanDome

There are also some posters, which highlight the air of street film noir and with a vintage touch that Matt Reeves wanted to give it. Again the references to Riddler (Paul Dano) They suggest that the bets they gave him as the main villain of the installment could be correct. Unfortunately, the calendar doesn’t show this new full-body Batman. We will have to continue waiting for the premiere in 2022, currently scheduled for March 4.



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