There are only a few days left for Pokémon Café Mix Coming to Nintendo Switch (portable mode only) and mobile devices, specifically, next June 24, 2020. Although this game will be free, it will have some purchases within it to get some items that give the players an advantage, but if this does not matter to you and you still have many grains to try its mix of puzzles and coffee, then now you are lucky as they have been shared some more screenshots of what this cafeteria will be once it opens its doors.

New images of what the cafeteria will be like and how the Pokémon Café Mix puzzles will be

There is less left for the Pokémon Café Mix to reach the different devices where it is scheduled to launch, so it is normal that we now have access to more photographs that show us some of the functions of the game, such as the puzzles or the Pokémon that will be present in the cafeteria to serve some of the best dishes that we can find in the world of pocket creatures. They look very good!

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And you, do you want to get behind the bar of this cafeteria of Pokémon Café Mix where there will be many pocket creatures, either on Nintendo Switch or on mobile phones; Or, on the contrary, are you one of those who are not exactly attracted to puzzle games and what you are waiting for is one of the other titles that were also announced in the last presentation dedicated to various titles in this franchise? Whether you are from one group or another, the truth is that there are always many games to choose from in which our favorite creatures will be present, either in one way or in a totally different way!