Animal Crossing: New Horizons has recently come out and people are starting to experiment with all its features, in this case Ash Ketchum (Satoshi) from Pueblo Paleta has “moved out” to an island of Animal Crossing thanks to the tool of and our dear Nookophone.

For those who still know little about the title, or those who want to soon embark on the plane of the DAL airline to open their own island, we told them that the Nookophone is a mobile phone that they provide us just after landing on the island to manage various things . With it, we can take photos, see the rewards, ask for help, see the furniture we can make … and make and save designs for our islander’s clothes. Taking this tool into account, Twitter user Salmon_eaterrr has brought all his creativity to light crafting Ash’s designs of the well-known franchise Pokemon, to be able to dress like the hero of the animated series that pretends to become a Pokémon master.

歴 代 サ ト シ コ ス の マ イ デ ザ コ ー ド 一 覧
キ ャ ッ プ と ト ッ プ ス 以外 は テ キ ト ー に そ れ っ ぽ い 色 の や つ を 選 ん で く だ さ い # あ つ ま れ ど う ぶ つ の 森 # マ イ デ ザ イ ン # ポ ケ モ ン # サ ト シ #NintendoSwitch

– 鮭 ぽ ん 酢 (@salmon_eaterrr) March 25, 2020

As we can see in his tweet, he has elaborated everyone and each of the suits that Ash has carried over the years as he went through all regions of the pokémon world, including to our dear Bolifacio in one of his designs that, although he is not Ash, we are very fond of him. It is clear that it has been a meticulous work so that this time, Ash, instead of catching all the Pokémon, can dedicate to relax on a paradisiacal island where relaxation is the hallmark, on the contrary if you feel longing for your eagerness to collect, Animal Crossing will allow you to capture and get hold of all, but this time bugs and fish instead of Pokémon.

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The best thing of all is that if you are as fan of the saga as him, you will be able to go dressed like Ash you too since the design function, mentioned above, includes the possibility share the designs you have made. In this way, everyone can enjoy your patterns and go as their favorite characters, and that is that the author has shared these designs so that we can enjoy them all (although it will take a bit advanced game for it). So don’t hesitate! If you have an interesting pattern, or on the contrary you are looking for one that motivates you, you can obtain it through this peculiar application of the Nookophone.

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