In mid-March we wrote to you about the detail that Nintendo had with a fan of the Animal Crossing saga of, currently, 88 years old and with around 4000 hours of play to the delivery of Nintendo 3DS (New Leaf). How? Simple, but not for them less endearing or tearful, baptizing one of the neighbors of Animal Crossing: New Horizons as Audie, nickname that our protagonist, named Audrey, decided to choose in New Leaf. After this, the community of players decided to demonstrate, once again, the solidarity that surrounds our hearts, launching a support campaign with which they raised funds to give Audrey a Nintendo Switch with its corresponding game so you could enjoy the latest installment of this beloved franchise. Well, now comes your … unboxing!

And it is that Audrey herself was in charge of showing us the console and the game in a magnificent video of more than half an hour in which, by way of unboxing, presents the complete pack responding, in turn, to various questions from the community collected by his own grandson. Of course, we can be calm, our beloved protagonist promises, even though she is excited with this new installment and everything new that it brings, not to abandon her 3DS game (she would not forgive herself to lose her pretty flowers). Next, we leave you with the video in question:

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