New Gods was originally connected to Zack Snyder’s Justice League, first screenwriter reveals

New Gods It was one of the most ambitious projects of Warner Bros. in collaboration with DC Films, and after years of waiting to be able to begin the production of the film and to have a script written by Tom king ready to work with him, the company released a statement a couple of weeks ago (via The Hollywood Reporter) in which it was reported that the project was completely discarded.

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During a recent interview with Jonita davis for his MulDiversity program, the writer Aaron M. Johnson She talked about the whole process she went through when she wrote the first script for the film since before Ava DuVernay’s participation as director was confirmed. In the words of whoever was the first screenwriter, the project began to be planned since 2016, before the controversial premiere of Justice League – 41%.

Johnson explained that the whole situation that arose with the Zack Snyder movie somehow affected the other projects because these, including New Gods, were directly connected to it, however, following the breakup between Warner and Snyder, several future tapes were shelved until a decision was made regarding the DCEU. The movie he wrote Aaron M. Johnson had an important relationship with League of Justice and Wonder Woman – 92%.

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The writer explained that his script was inspired by Jack Kirby’s Fourth World, so a “mythological epic in the style of The Lord of the Rings” would emerge with some of the characters that had already been raised. Within the plot, the audience would have witnessed an epic battle between gods such as Ares, Uxas, Zeus, Metron, Darkseid, Izaya, Kalibak, Scott, Orion, Granny Goodness and perhaps many more.

Although Aaron received quite positive comments from the studio that seemed enthusiastic about his story and even several official accounts of the film congratulated him on Twitter although the official announcement of his participation had not yet been made, after the hard conflicts with Zack snyder and the entire Snyder Cut movement, executives asked the writer to rework the text where he would remove any connection to the film that Joss Whedon finished.

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But relations with League of Justice It would not be the only thing discarded, but everything that had to do with the universe proposed by Snyder, which of course would mean an important change for the story. According to what Johnson showed during the interview, in his story there were important references to Steppenwolf, the betrayal that DeSaad talks about in Zack Snyder’s Justice League – 82%, Orion ancestry, as well as Big Barda’s possible relationship with the Amazons.

This meant important changes in the work of Aaron M. Johnson, And although the possibility of launching his film as an independent story disconnected from the DC Universe was raised, the studio finally decided to thank for his work and effort with the great story he had put on the table, but there was no director or producer who could carry out the project. Two months later the official announcement of Ava duvernay as director of New Gods with Tom king taking the place as a writer, who would be confirmed shortly thereafter.

Despite these last minute changes between 2018 and 2019, New Gods it was ultimately ruled out entirely by the study.