Hundreds of thousands of characters have gathered on Nintendo Switch thanks to a more than enormous number of titles that players can play when they want, how they want and where they want thanks to the unique characteristics of this platform. And speaking of characters, it has now been announced that those who belong to the world of RWBY will walk around this platform again (predictably), since the next year 2021 a brand new title will be released on consoles and on PC. We tell you all the details that have been revealed so far in the following lines!

RWBY will return to the world of video games thanks to a new title

Rooster Teeth is the company in charge of giving life to the world of Remnant, where the RWBY series is developed, which every day has more and more followers. Thus, this series has already made the leap into the world of video games in the past, either with its own titles or with collaborations in others, but now it has been announced that in 2021 we will see a new game starring our favorite characters in this world. However, not much information has yet been shared about it, only that the two in charge of developing it are Arc System Works and WayForward, who have already worked together on the creation of River City Girls. Of course, in terms of platforms, it has been announced that it will come to PC and consoles, and taking into account the first steps of these two companies with the hybrid console of the Big N, it would be surprising if it was left out of this launch (although not impossible).

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Therefore, if we are fans of RWBY, we will still have to wait until next 2021, but surely, during the next few months, we will know many more details of this new title that many players will be waiting for.