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The cancellation of E3 has not prevented developers and distributors from making their announcements in the summer. There are several events that are taking place and a few weeks ago we told you that several Japanese companies came together to make their own. New Game + Expo will take place the following week. It was expected to be just a performance, but it was recently reported that the celebration will last for much of the day.

The main presentation of New Game + Expo will air next Tuesday, June 23 at 10:00 AM (Mexico City time) and is expected to last 1 hour. However, the news will not end there, because apparently it will be a presentation in the style of Nintendo at E3, in which the company shows everything new in a compact video and then there is an extensive stream to show particularities of the games.

Thus, at the end of the main presentation of New Game + Expo, at 11:00 AM on Tuesday, June 23, a series of sessions will begin focused on various participating companies. We leave you with the calendar shared by the organizers of the event (via Gematsu). To the hours you must add 2 hours if you live in Mexico City.

Stream schedule (Image: Gematsu)

What could be presented at New Game + Expo?

As you can see, most companies will have a 30 minute slot, which they will surely use to talk more about their presented plans or games. However, there will be some that will apparently take 1 hour, so they are expected to have many new features to show, such as Idea Factory, GungHo America, NIS America and WayForward.

So far it is not known with certainty what kind of content awaits us in this event, but it is possible that GungHo America, will release more details of Ninjala, which would be released 1 day later.

Natsume could take advantage of his space to talk about oriental games that he will locate for America and other indie developers could talk about new projects or news about his games.

SEGA, ATLUS and SNK could surprise at the event

Definitely the companies that attract the most attention are SEGA, ATLUS and SNK Corporation, not only because they are the best known, but also because they have given more to talk about their projects, which are highly anticipated. In the case of ATLUS, it recently announced when it will bring 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim to the West, so more details about the game may be shared or limited editions may be announced.

SEGA is not far behind, as it has some surprises from Sonic the Hedgehog that it has not been able to reveal and that it had planned for the beginning of the year. Much has been speculated about a new title for Sonic, and even clues indicate that it could be the return of Sonic Adventure in the form of a remaster or remake or another title of the hedgehog that serves to celebrate its 30th anniversary the following year.

Finally there is SNK, which has already confirmed that it has 3 Metal Slug games in development, of which 2 of them have a scheduled release for 2020. One of them is the long-awaited return of the title to consoles, so it is possible that in this event not only reveal the concept of the game, but also gameplay.

Apparently, New Game + Expo has many surprises, so we invite you to be on the lookout for LEVEL UP, we will have coverage of this event here.

What do you expect from participating companies? Do you think a new Sonic game will be revealed at the event? Are you excited for a new Metal Slug title? Tell us in the comments.

We remind you that so far in June has left many surprises thanks to the Summer of Gaming, Summer Game Fest and Play for All events. If you want to know all the announcements, then click on the event names.

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