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One of the most memorable installments of The Legend of Zelda is Majora’s Mask, not only for having one of the darkest themes in the series, but also for presenting one of the most iconic characters, the Skull Kid with the Majora’s Mask. The design and history of this mask has made it unforgettable among fans of the series, it is thanks to this popularity that a new collector’s item of this object was revealed today.

Renowned collectible figurine manufacturing company First 4 Figures revealed today, June 30, a new edition of the Majora’s Mask. The official product presents the iconic mask with a lot of attention to detail. On the surface of the mask you can see the realistic manufacturing texture while the 10 peaks have a smooth surface.

The collectible measures 12 inches (about 30 centimeters), is made of PVC and will be sold in a transparent package, which allows you to display the mask without removing it. Also, the figure has an accessory that makes it possible to hang it on a wall.

New Majora’s Mask collectible

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An exclusive edition will expose the mask in its final version

There will also be an exclusive version that will be sold through First 4 Figures and that will have a couple of interesting features. What stands out about this exclusive edition is that it will have illumination in the eyes that can be switched between static and animated thanks to a proximity sensor. This edition will also include a base that can be illuminated with many colors.

Finally, a premium box will be included, which will contain another with a distinctive purple touch, unlike the blue color of the standard edition. Additionally, it will include an authentication certificate and First 4 Figures points. The exclusive edition is now available to download on the First 4 Figures page and will be priced at $ 99.99 USD. Both versions are expected to be available from the last quarter of this year.

We leave you with a video for you to check the content of this version of the Majora’s Mask.

In case you don’t know, in 2018 First 4 Figures released the life-size Majora’s Mask, which is basically the same figure, but in 1: 1 scale, which means it was much bigger than this new version and The cheapest version cost $ 354.99. However, getting it currently is very difficult and expensive, so the new version of the Majora’s Mask is the ideal option to have this iconic figure from The Legend of Zelda.

What did you think of this collectible? Are you planning to push it away? Tell us in the comments.

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