New evening of amateur boxing in Barcelona

The activity of the noble art of boxing does not stop in the city of Barcelona nor when the temperatures outside are around 30ºC, characteristic of the sticky Barcelona summer.

This Saturday, the facilities of the Templum BCN Train
ing (Entença, 113) host a new boxing evening, organized together with the promoter Great Price, in an excellent opportunity to watch and enjoy the new boxing generations of the Catalan ring that, never better said, have been hitting hard.

In total, fans will be able to enjoy 17 matches, starring 34 boxers from 17 gyms.

Among the most outstanding fights we could mention those that are going to measure Soulaiman-Ali Ba (60 kg) or the one that faces Pedro Ángel with Estefano Catto (65/66 kg), in this new demonstration through which boxing passes in the Catalan capital.

Aiman-Eoin Coney

Denis Monroy-Nicolás Toribio

Ganda Coulibaly-Iván Cano

Ismael Mirabet-Juan Carlos

Dominic García-Javi Puentes

Moha Ofkir-Joshua

Moha Bouktaka-Hamza Dadie

Ethan Guerra-Hamza

Joel Gómez-Toni García

José Sánchez-Mahdi

Josep Ventura-Víctor Sánchez

Alex Marxal-Omram Tchit


Soulaiman-Ali Ba

Bengana-Nil de la Cruz

Pedro Angel-Estefano Catto

Juan Caballero-Axel González

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