New drones will monitor and fine on the road

The DGT plans to acquire new drones soon to help complete road surveillance. Currently it already has a fleet of 11 drones.

April 8, 2021 (12:20 CET)

Where will the drones of the DGT be during this Holy Week.Where will the drones of the DGT be during this Holy Week.

The drones represent the latest addition to the DGT’s fleet of devices for monitor, control and, in some specific cases, fine drivers due to distractions, not respecting the passing signs or not respecting the safety distance. These drones watch from the air, at an operating altitude of up to 120 meters and with a radius of action of 500 meters, thanks to high definition cameras and the control of personnel trained specifically for the work.

Currently, the DGT has 11 drones distributed throughout the Spanish geography, but that may change very soon. As they report from the newspaper portal ABC, the Ministry of the Interior already has a DGT budget line to buy new drones.

The undersecretary of said Ministry, Isabel Goicoechea, unveiled the budget during the Congressional Road Safety Commission: in total, 650,000 euros for the updating of the DGT fleet, of which 363,000 euros will be allocated to the acquisition of new drones. Goicoechea also revealed that the purchase is subject to the training of the personnel necessary for the use of these drones, among other reasons.

The undersecretary of the Interior also revealed, provisionally, the amount collected by the DGT during 2020 in terms of fines and different rates: more than 336 million euros.

This is how a DGT drone hunts a driver using his mobile.