New DGT labels in July: will there be changes?

We clarify some doubts that may have arisen about the new DGT labels that should change in July. Will they modify yours?

Alberto de la Torre Reyes

May 19, 2021 (11:00 CET)

The changes that the DGT will introduce in the label will force you to change it

Time passes and one of the DGT’s star plans for the first half of 2021 remains at a standstill. Of course, the last months have been those of traffic reforms, with changes in Speed ​​limits or in the penalties for using the mobile phone or ignore the seat belt. But they cannot say the same DGT stickers, whose classification remains in question and, for now, its reform stopped.

Just like we have been telling you in recent months, many have been the voices discordant with the current DGT environmental labeling. In five years, technology in the motor world advances by leaps and bounds and major developments are soon out of date. This has happened to their own environmental stickers, which do not reflect the vehicles sold in the market as they should.

Many are those who point out that the last vehicles sold have little to do (compliant with Euro 6d regulations) with a gasoline of the year 2007, with which they would share label C. There are also those who have taken a position against granting micro-hybrid or mild hybridization vehicles (24 and 48 volts) the ECO label, as they consider it a trap.

What changes are expected? Will you have to change your sticker?

During the last months, the DGT itself has already dropped that this environmental labeling will undergo some modifications to adapt to the latest technologies on the market and thus be more fair to truly efficient vehicles.

One of the first steps is stop giving the DGT ECO label to micro-hybrid cars. These cars would join the list of the new labeled D, which would serve to shelter the most modern vehicles that are not electric or plug-in hybrids. It is also on the table these micro-hybrid cars have their own labeling. Also, one of the other big changes to be expected is the creation of a new exclusive label for motorcycles more modern, efficient and clean.

But will we see these rumors come true? What we tell you in early 2021, Pere Navarro set the date for the creation of the new labels: July 1, 2021. However, since then, we have not heard from this project that, sooner or later, will have to be addressed.

The other big question, which especially affects owners of vehicles with mild hybridization, is whether we will have to change the stickers on our car. For now, these drivers can breathe easy because the director of the DGT also pointed out than buyers who got a car based on its tag “We cannot tell you that what has been bought is not worth now and I am going to change it”. Therefore, everything indicates that the label affixed to the windshield of your car will remain the same in the coming years.

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