New details and scenes in promotional featurette of the Loki series

Image from the filming set of the first season of Loki

Eight days after the premiere of “Loki”comes a new look at the Marvel series in the form of behind-the-scenes video. A one-minute trailer that takes us to different moments on the set of the series. The video offers new scenes not seen before in the series, at the same time that we can listen to those involved in the series.

AND! Online exclusively offers this exclusive report that advances what the actor Owen wilson describes it as “real chaos”, while the director Kate herron prepares us for the series saying that we will see a “mixture of tones and genres.”

Loki is the God of Mischief, ”recalls actor Tom Hiddleston. We have to do mischief.

We know that the presence of the Temporal Variation Agency will be especially important in the series. As the actress explains Gugu Mbatha-Raw, which plays Judge Ravonna Renslayer, the series revolves around this organization. They “oversee the sacred timeline” and maintain order in the universe, so they have a vested interest in an almighty and mischievous god. Loki has to help the TVA fix the timeline or face being erased from existence entirely.

What happens if you take a character that represents chaos and put him in that world? Hiddleston asks. This is something that I don’t think Marvel has ever done.

Apart from all this, in the video we can get to see different interesting moments, such as Loki entering a building that seems important but we still do not know what it is, or others that are more comical, such as when Loki invokes a Roomba to the purest Mjolnir style.

Via information | AND! On-line

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