New Deadman movie rumored in development

Picture of Deadman in DC comics

The group of characters that make up the Justice League Dark they are in the spotlight for several future projects. JJ Abrams is working on an adaptation of the group. There is also a Constantine series in development, along with a Zatanna film. Now, still in the form of a rumor, we add a new character to the list of projects.

The information published by That Hashtag Show indicates that the DC’s next film in development would be one dedicated to the character Deadman. Obviously it would be a film that would explore the origin of the character, his murder and his attempts to discover who murdered him and bring his murderer to justice.

The script would have been in development for the past two years. As with many projects, they expected to be more advanced than they are, but because of the pandemic, everything would have been delayed. Right now I would be in the director search phase. The shortlist of directors includes Oz Perkins (“The Blackcoat’s Daughter,” “Gretel and Hansel”), Christopher Landon (“Happy Death Day,” “Freaky”) and Brandon Cronenberg (“Antiviral,” “Possessor”).

There is still no casting. The studio is preparing to find an actor who can thrill and act through CGI and makeup, similar to Andy Serkis or Doug Jones.

In comics, Boston Brand’s time as a circus acrobat came to an end when a mysterious murderer took his life. However, Brand’s spirit survives as the spooky Deadman. He wanders the earth like an invisible ghost and performs heroic acts in search of the peace he longs for, never finding it.

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Via information | That Hashtag SHow

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