It seems that little by little normality will be installed in our lives again and, as announced from Madness Live, we already have the new dates for the Machine Head tour:

The new dates will take place in October and will be in Pamplona on the 8th, Valencia on the 10th, Madrid on the 12th, Murcia on the 16th, Malaga on the 17th and Barcelona on the 18th. Unfortunately, due to the artist’s routing and schedule in the rooms, they could not be relocated. the concerts of Galicia and Zaragoza. In its place we have added Pamplona.

Machine Head come together on this special occasion to perform “Burn My Eyes”, one of the most important Rock and Metal records in history, from start to finish. In addition, it will be an extensive show of more than three hours divided into two sets, one dedicated to Burn My Eyes and another where there will be no lack of other great Machine Head classics such as “Imperium” or “Halo”.

The new dates are:

October 8, Pamplona @ Totem

October 10, Valencia @ Repvblica

October 12, Madrid @ La Riviera

October 16, Murcia @ Gamma

October 17, Málaga @ Paris15

October 18, Barcelona @ Razzmatazz1

Tickets already purchased will be perfectly valid for the new dates, however you can request a return if you wish.
For the dates of Galicia and Zaragoza, which could not be retaken, an automatic return will be made (for online purchases).

How to return my ticket?

The deadline to request returns will be 30 days from today for online returns until 05/08/2020 (for physical stores it will also be 30 days from when they reopen).

Físicos Physical points (Revolver, Escridisco, A Reixa Tenda, Infiernos Rock Sisters, Discos Leyenda, Harmony, Traffic and Footlights): You can return them at those same points. (Once they reopen).

Ticket Red Ticketmaster (Fnac, Halcón Viajes and associated shops): Online, you must request a refund.
Stores: Request the return in the same place where they were purchased. (Once they reopen).

Mad Ticketmadness: You must request a refund here