New character announced for “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate”

Super smash announces its next fighter | Nintendo

As expected, the Nintendo Direct today officially revealed that Pyra from the series Xenoblade Chronicles will join the long list of « Super Smash Bros. Ultimate ».

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Pyra marks just the latest addition to the popular fighting game franchise with Sephiroth from « Final Fantasy VII » which was added as a new playable fighter late last year. Pyra will be the fourth DLC character in the latest pack to be added, arriving in March with two more to follow.

Although the presentation of Nintendo Switch started out like it was to make a Xenoblade announcement, Pyra suspiciously missing from the event with many conversations about where she had gone.

As things unfolded, it became clearer that this could be a Smash ad. That theory was later confirmed when Pyra said that she had been invited to « Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. »

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The new Pyra DLC will be released in March. At this point, there are two empty spaces left for them to add new DLC fighters, and considering the latest addition, it is not known who could appear next.