Everything seems to indicate that the relationship between Gastón Silva And Independiente will not back down and now added a new chapter after the club started a lawsuit against the footballer.

It is worth remembering that the Uruguayan considers himself a free player and Now the institution went to FIFA to sue the footballer for $ 8 million. Not only that, but he also asked that the player be suspended for six months.

A few days ago, the AFA authorized the defender to change clubs, although Rojo asks for the eight million dollars of compensation that the next team that wants to hire him should pay.


Given this, on Thursday Silva came out with the end caps sharing a strong statement in which he talks about « extortion and terrorism » and warns that « the only truth is reality »

The player warns that « the club is initiating a counterclaim for US $ 8,000,000. It was foreseeable (even announced). It aims to generate fear in the clubs that may be interested in hiring me. Market terrorism. Maybe they will, not I know. » Will they come to an agreement?