Despite the slowdown that soccer has suffered worldwide, which has transcended all categories to impact clubs and teams alike, UEFA has already determined when we will be able to witness the Champions League final. Thus, the highest body of European football defined that the June 27th It will be the day that we will witness the coronation of the best team on the continent, so we already know which calendar month to highlight. However, the question should be asked: When will the matches of the previous phases be played?

03/19/2020 at 09:59


Ronald Goncalves

In this sense, it is imperative to note that the round of 16 of the competition were held in the middle, with four meetings still to be held. At this time, the organization has not specified the dates in which the remaining matches of the current stage will be fully carried out, nor has it located the quarterfinal and semifinal matches, so any estimate or projection would be unofficial. .


At present, Leipzig, Atalanta, PSG Y Atlético de Madrid are the clubs that are classified to the next instance of the competition. To advance, Tottenham, Valencia, Dortmund and, most notably still, Liverpool, last champions of the tournament, were defeated, which is why more and more names are reduced to consider to win the highest recognition of European club football.

Likewise, Manchester City (2) – (1) Real Madrid, Juventus (0) – (1) Lyon, Barcelona (1) – (1) Napoli Y Bayern (3) – (0) Chelsea These are the round of 16 matches that still have to be played, having all the first mentioned as future locals in the second leg. Thus, the only marker that is shaping up to be decisive is that existing between the Bavarians and the blues, while the other results, although they allow a favorite to be projected, are open enough to make each match more than attractive.