We have a new build in the Windows 10 Insider Preview Dev ring, the Build 20190, which comes offering some changes such as a new system to notify us of the changes that each compilation offers, which Edge will no longer take care of, but will be borne by the “Recommendations” application.

What’s new in Build 20190

New post-upgrade experience

A new experience is introduced that after updating, the Recommendations application highlights the most interesting changes after a major Windows 10 feature update. After installing this build, Insiders will see the application launched and some of the features highlighted Latest updates from the latest Insider Preview builds on the developer channel. To see this experience on your device, make sure the “Show me the Windows welcome experience” checkbox in Settings> System> Notifications & Actions is checked.

New Build 20190 for Windows Insiders on the Dev channel

This experience will be displayed for Windows Insiders in English locales such as the US, UK, Australia, India, and Canada.

Improved graphics configuration experience

While this is not a new feature as a whole, significant changes have been made based on user feedback with the following improvements:

Graphics settings have been updated to allow users to specify a high-performance default GPU.Graphics settings are updated to allow users to choose a specific GPU per application.

If you are a user who has multiple high-performance GPUs and would like to specify which of those GPUs should be the one to use for high-performance use cases, you can now do so by going to Settings> System> Display> Graphics Settings or Settings> Games> Graphics Settings . What this means is that an application requesting a high-performance GPU will by default use the GPU that you specify on this page.

New Build 20190 for Windows Insiders on the Dev channel

Now if you want even more control, the ability to specify exactly which GPU you want an application to run on has also been added using the new “specific GPU” option. As you can see below, an application can be configured to run on the GPU of your choice.

New Build 20190 for Windows Insiders on the Dev channelDeveloper updates

The Windows SDK is now working with the dev channel. Whenever a new build of the operating system is transferred to the dev channel, the corresponding SDK will also be moved. You can always install the latest Insider SDK from aka.ms/InsiderSDK.

Changes and Improvements According to feedback, they are updating the new Japanese IME to support switching between Hiragana and Katakana using CTRL + CAPS LOCK and ALT + CAPS LOCK (respectively), as was backward compatible. Fixes Fixes a bug related to the subsystem of Windows for Linux 1 which would result in: ‘The I / O operation has been canceled due to a thread exit or an application request’. See this Github issue for details. Fixes an issue that could cause explorer.exe to become unresponsive on touch devices after exiting from hibernation. Fixes an issue with the new search box on the default app settings pages, where the search results seemed to draw on top of each other when removing characters from the search box Fixes an issue where if I switched to an English keyboard using WIN + Space and then switched to the Chinese pinyin IME, the written scores would be in Chinese even if “Use English punctuation in Chinese input mode” was enabled Fixes an issue where when Narrator was enabled, the on-screen PIN pad could appear unexpectedly when focus was set on the home screen Addresses an issue that resulted in Features on Demand (FOD) not being enabled with error 0x8000FFFF on recent builds. This is also believed to be the main cause of some Insiders finding that the sfc / scannow command would repeatedly fail citing a pending reboot. Fixes an issue that could cause the call window (e.g. Microsoft Edge) to crash if generated an authentication message and then not interacting with it and timed out. Known Issues They are working on a fix for an issue where some Easy Anti-Cheat protected Microsoft Store games may fail to start. They are investigating reports on the process update hangs for extended periods when trying to install a new version They are working on a fix for an issue where min / max / close buttons get stuck in their original positions after resizing a UWP app. If you move the app window the position should be updated. They are investigating reports that the new taskbar experience for pinned sites does not work for some sites. They are working on a fix to enable live preview of tabs Pinned sites are working to enable the new taskbar experience for existing pinned sites. In the meantime, you can unpin the site from the taskbar, remove it from the edge: // apps page, and then pin the site again. They are working to fix an issue where pinned sites don’t show all open tabs for a domain. In the meantime, you can fix this problem by pinning the site’s home page instead of a specific page (e.g. microsoft.com instead of microsoft.com/windows). They are working on a fix for an issue where Alt + Tab on a browser tab sometimes moves the previously active browser tab to the front of the list Alt + Tab as well. Letter headings in the list of all Start menu applications have unnecessary left padding when the list of all the apps was hidden.