New bug allows you to find your phone number in Google

Not satisfied with the recent controversies that the green instant messaging app has faced over updates to its security policies, it now faces a new one. And it is that it has been reported that a security flaw in WhatsApp Web would make it possible for your personal telephone number to be indexed and found via a simple Google search.

Supposedly this information leak would only happen to those people who use the web version of the application. Whether for work, study, or practically any activity that involves opening WhatsApp from a computer or computer. The IANS news agency (via) noted that users’ phone numbers are indexed via Google Searches and this makes it possible for anyone to find them with the correct search parameters.

It should be noted that the leaks are from private telephone numbers, not commercial or business, so it is a rather delicate information leak. The agency itself reports that the only thing filtered for now are the numbers and not the information of each user. However, he also states that having the telephone key is quite easy to obtain the name of the owner.

The agency also reported that WhatsApp implemented a special file and a “disable all” setting. to prevent search engines from being able to index the information from the user’s logged in session. However, Google has still indexed the information and displayed it in its search results.

It is also reported that the invitation links to private groups are another issue that can be found by Google. Which means that anyone could join a private group if they know how to search and are able to find such links.

This is not the first time that such an issue has happened. In fact it is the third and the last occurred in the middle of last year, during the summer. WhatsApp has not yet declared anything about it, but previously it had asked users not to share the group invitation links in public places on the network.

On the other hand, WhatsApp recently reversed its new privacy policies that have caused controversy in the network, due to the sections of data exchange to improve advertising. The application would have to share user data with various applications of the Facebook family to improve the personalization of ads.

The annoyance and the campaigns on networks have been such that WhatsApp reported that its new policies will not go into effect in the next few days as planned, until last May of this year. This is not to say that their policies will change, they have simply postponed the time so that users can fully understand the implications of data use.

In the same way, the application in recent days sent each user information about said directives via the stories section (via). The various slides report that WhatsApp is committed to the safety of users, so they cannot share information from chats or private conversations. It also clarifies that it does not share location data, nor the information of your contacts.

Both WhatsApp and Instagram are part of the Facebook family, led by Mark Zuckerberg.

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