New betrayal of Queen Elizabeth, daughter-in-law thinks of series The Crown

New betrayal of Queen Elizabeth, daughter-in-law thinks of the series The Crown (AFP)

New betrayal of Queen Elizabeth, daughter-in-law thinks of The Crown series | .

The fictional melodrama of “The Crown” raised a great wave of controversy inside and outside Buckingham Palace, completely uncomfortable with the British royal family, particularly the Queen isabel IIHowever, one of its members would think otherwise and we do not even imagine what the monarch would think upon knowing this.

As recently emerged that the Queen isabel II, would relive the feelings that at some point separated her from one of its members, the mother of her granddaughters Beatriz and Eugenia de York, daughters of Sarah ferguson and Andrés de York, one of those who, according to the series, would be his “favorite son.”

While for Elizabeth II the launch of the fourth season of the royal drama came with a series of unbearable things, for the ex-wife of her “favorite” son, the prince Andrew of York, it was the opposite, this after supposedly it has been known, the mother of the princesses has stood out as a “fan” of history.

As it transpired, it is a topic that is talked about a lot in the United Kingdom, since during the quarantine, Sarah took advantage of the time to watch the series and would end up fascinated, which they have described as a kind of “betrayal” of the monarch. While Sarah, on the other hand, has found it “beautiful”.

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One of their favorite parts, they revealed, was the part where they recreate their wedding to Prince Andrew.

It seemed to me that it was beautifully recorded. The photography is excellent and I loved the way they included my wedding, he said unashamedly in statements to Us Weekly.

Apparently, Sarah is one of the few belonging to the royal family that will be aware of the next parts that will include the British royalty, created by Peter Morgan, which it should be remembered will be composed of two more seasons, the fifth and sixth, according to what that is known so far.

It was the actress Jessica Aquilina who in the fiction embodied the writer and activist, Sarah Ferguson, through Twitter she shared a past publication in which she can be seen recreating the character.

Possibly, as happened to many of the followers of this fictional series, the wait for the next installments will be a very long period, so it would surely arouse interest in other stories and Bridgerton has been the new obsession that the former wonderful ex royal would confess.

I’m obsessed. The main character, Daphne, seems magnificent to me, because we see how she is learning about life. And I like that it shows how he begins to use his own voice, “he confessed.

On the other hand, the controversy on this issue has once again brought to the table the differences that would exist between them in the past and that despite so long, they point out, the 94-year-old sovereign has not been able to overcome.

Queen Elizabeth II lived the strongest scandals with two of her children, the first so important because he was the future king and the second of her boys because he was the one with whom she had the closest relationship.

Sarah Ferguson married Andrew on July 23, 1986, both acquiring the title of “Duchess of York”, however, as happened with Diana of Wales, it can hardly be said that there was ever a relationship between Elizabeth and “Fergie” , (nickname popularly given due to his surname)

Subsequently, the scandalous separation between the mother of Isabel’s granddaughters and Andrés occurred 25 years ago, this after an infidelity on her part with her accountant, according to what is known, which is why the mother of Prince Charles of Wales , you can’t see your ex-daughter-in-law.

Everything seems to indicate that the affair that the Duchess of York sustained several years ago would still be latent in Elizabeth II, something that would have been brought to light by local media in 1996.

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Not every year, nor the fact that Andrés and Sarah currently maintain a friendship relationship and were even in their quarantine together, have achieved a rapprochement between them.