New application based on Ethereum will be tested in Catalonia to face Covid-19

The city of Girona, in Catalonia, will host the pilot test of the application and platform based on the Ethereum blockchain, AOKpass, from February 22, 2020 until the end of March, to allow the authorities to obtain first-hand information from people who are free of Covid-19.

The application developed by the International Chamber of Commerce aims to demonstrate through a digital certificate that people received the vaccine or the results of those who were tested for Covid-19.

Similarly, the implementation of AOKpass seeks to allow the start of activities with public as in sports games, cultural and social activities of great importance, to boost the economy of the town that is hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

Girona residents who wish to attend events organized under biosecurity measures must show the digital certificate located in AOKpass.

The Minister of Digital Policies and Public Administration of the Government of Catalonia, Jordi Puigneró assured that the new technologies guarantee “the right to earn a living, to health, and thanks to the blockchain, the right to privacy.” Puigneró indicated that this type of technology used responsibly “will change the world and help the economy create wealth.”

AOKpass promises the privacy of medical data

The AOKpass application presents a declaration on the protection of health data as part of the historical laws that apply in the European Union.

“This statement welcomes signatories and supporters from around the world, from all jurisdictions, industries, and ecosystems who are committed to the continued protection of individual health data privacy rights in the post-pandemic world,” he says. on their website.

Blockchain and tourism

Another clear example of the use of blockchain to avoid contagion of Covid-19 was reported by CriptoNoticias at the end of December of last year, when the authorities of the island of Lanzarote, in Spain, announced the signing of an agreement so that, through a blockchain, sanitary control systems are established at the local airport and thus avoid cases of Covid-19.

The intention is that, through the new technology, the island remains out of reach of the virus with the generation of safe air corridors, preventing infected people from arriving at the airport.

Catalonia at the forefront with new technologies

Last year the authorities of Catalonia announced that the University of Girona will be the headquarters of the Blockchain Center of Catalonia and will be located in the Science and Technology Park of the University of Girona.

This medium also reported that two new projects will give continuity to the expansion of blockchain in Spain. The first one is a blockchain faculty that will be at the University of Girona and the other would be a space with visual experiences focused on this new technology, called Blockchain Experience.