A little over a month ago and by surprise, Nintendo anticipated the arrival of Paper Mario: The Origami King, the new installment in the RPG saga starring the plumber and his troupe for the Nintendo Switch, and he did it a few months after his departure, this next july 17. Recently some details about the game were revealed thanks to the trailer published by Nintendo, now we know a few more thanks to the information that the «Big N» has shared on the official site of the title.

On the web you will find a character’s description that populate the game like Mario, the main protagonist, Luigi, who is currently unaccounted for, Olivia, an origami character who will be an important ally during the adventure, in addition to other improbable allies such as a Bob-omb, the magician Kamek and even Bowser and Bowser Jr. among others.

Between the locations of the game stand out Toad Town, that the oldest will remember from the first installment of the franchise Paper Mario on Nintendo 64 and that it is now mysteriously empty of toads. On the outskirts of Toad Town are the Whispering Woods where visitors often get lost while listening to whispers without knowing their origin, the Shangri-Spa, he Great sea or the Shogun Studios.

And as usual Mario will face a series of final bosses to be able to advance in your adventure. It is the case of Rubber Band, a huge creature made entirely of rubber bands, the Colored pencils, a collection of 12 sharpened pencils or the Scotch tape, an « extremely sticky » enemy, as described on the web.

All this new information and more is also collected in the last video of the companions of GameXplain on their YouTube channel that thoroughly analyze all those details collected on the official page of Paper Mario: The Origami King. The game will come to Nintendo Switch on July 17.

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