New Actors To Join Stranger Things Season 4 Revealed

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The fourth season of Stranger things It will arrive sometime in 2021, and while we wait for some kind of trailer or official preview, Netflix He has already revealed all the new actors that will arrive for this fourth part. Additionally, the platform shared some interesting facts about these characters and here you can meet them.

First, a list of all the new faces:

– Jamie Campbell Bower (Sweeney Todd)

– Eduardo Franco (Booksmart)

– Joseph Quinn (Catherine the Great)

– Robert Englund (A Nightmare on Hell Street)

– Tom Wlaschiha (Game of Thrones)

– Sherman Augustus (Westworld)

– Mason Dye (The Goldbergs)

– Nikola Djuricko (Genius)

Bower will play Peter Ballard, a man who works in a psychiatric hospital and who at some point will question the brutality of the place.

Frank will be Argyle, Jonatan’s new best friend. His character is described as a funny junkie who loves to deliver pizza.

Quinn is Eddie Munson, a lover of the metal genre in charge of the Hellfire Club.

Englund, Famous for playing Freddy Krueger, he will play Victor Creel, an intimidating man incarcerated in a psychiatric hospital for a terrifying crime he committed during the 1950s.

Augustus He will play Colonel Sullivan, an intelligent man who believes he has the solution to solve all of Hawkins’ mysteries.

By last, Djuricko will be Yuri, a Russian dealer who loves money, while Wlaschiha will play Dmitri, a security guard who befriends Hopper.


Via: IGN