New 100 peso bill, how to identify if it is false?

A few days ago, the Bank of Mexico announced that as of November 12, a new 100 peso bill entered circulation, which has some improvements in terms of its characteristics in terms of security, durability and functionality. Similarly, it will have graphic motifs paying homage to Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz and an allusion to the colonial period in Mexico.

If this new banknote has not yet passed through your hands and you are wondering how you can identify whether it is a true or false one, we tell you the characteristics that you should check to ensure that it is a valid banknote.

New 100 peso bill. Photo: Banxico Obverse It has illustrations of the process of the Colony of Mexico, the image of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, this being the figure of that historical period. It has a vignette that is a fragment of the main courtyard of the Old School of San Ildefonso, an emblematic precinct of education during the Colony. It also contains the descriptive certificate « Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, poet and writer, and the Colegio de San Ildefonso, representing the historical period of the Colony. » In the upper right part it has a transparent window in the form of an arch surrounded by butterflies and in the central part there is the number 100 formed with transparent relief, which has vertical lines also with relief in order to facilitate people with blindness and visual faint identification of the ticket. Below the transparent window is the monogram of the Bank of Mexico and the text “BANCO DE MÉXICO”, ​​which are sensitive to the touch as well as the portrait of Sor Juana, the vignette and the text “Hundred Pesos”, which is located in the lower right area of ​​the banknote with vertical orientation. At the bottom of the legend « Banco de México » there is an impression that is framed by butterflies, this sequence is repeated across the width of the bill and below are the signatures of a member of the Governing Board and the Main Cashier of the Bank of Mexico. The denomination of the note is in the upper left corner. One of the most outstanding features is a second transparent window in the shape of a butterfly, there is the multicolored denomination that changes from gold to green depending on the visual angle, with numbers 100 inside. Reverse In it is the temperate forest ecosystem in the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve. At the center of the bill is the image of two monarch butterflies on a milkweed flower and as a background, the forest of pines, oaks and oyameles; In the lower right area of ​​the representation is the certificate “Ecosystem of temperate forests, Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve in the states of Mexico and Michoacán de Ocampo, natural heritage of humanity.” Below there is a second window that is shaped like a butterfly, which changes from gold to green and to the right, the text « One hundred pesos » with vertical orientation.

If you receive a ticket that does not have one or more of these characteristics, it is very likely that it is a false one and it is best not to accept it.

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