If you have entered this news with the feeling that the cover image of another very similar video game sounds to you but that was not called that, it is that you have a very good memory. More than two years ago, Serenity Forge got enough funding on Kickstarter to make her new game come true: Once Upon a Coma. Since then time has passed and the project has taken more and more shape. At one point, the developer decided that it was best to rename the title as Neversong. With the game already available on PC, it was his turn to fulfill the promise they made in the Kickstarter campaign, since they reached the goal so that it could be a reality. We refer to its launch on Nintendo SwitchXbox One and PlayStation 4 which will take place on July 16.

Neversong has texts in Spanish, as well as in many other languages, it will be necessary to have 3.3 GB free in the storage memory of our console to be able to download it, it is compatible with the Nintendo Switch Online service and it will come out with a price of € 14.49. What do you think about the release of the latest work of Serenity Forge on Nintendo Switch? To finish, we leave you with its launch trailer, just at the end of the entry, and with the official synopsis of the title:

Waking up from the coma, Peet finds his girlfriend nowhere. Investigate why screams are heard from the depths of Neverwood, why grown-up zombies behave so strangely, and discover the unimaginable truth behind Peet’s past in this bewitching fable that seems straight out of a dream.

From Red Wind Park to the terrifying hills of the Blackfork Asylum, explore six enlightening and changing levels. Defeat bosses, monsters, and adult zombies using your trusty baseball bat. Dive into the chilling soundtrack dominated by the piano. Undertake a adventure to discover the truth about your recent coma in the company of your peculiar childhood friends and a bird that is more than a reliable pet.

Neversong Launch Trailer

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