Neuralink, Elon Musk’s brain hardware and chip company, is ready to show all its progress. This was explained by the South African businessman through his Twitter account, where he marked August 28 as the date of these announcements.

The latest updates on Neuralink’s progress in developing its brain technology revealed that they had successfully implanted their chips in mice and chimpanzees, which would mean that the next step would be experimentation with humans, who are ultimately the field where you plan to take advantage of this technology.

The Neuralink prototype indicates that it is made up of tiny wire connections inside the brain, which at the same time are connected to a computing device remotely, to make it as less invasive as possible.


Although Neuralink sounds in principle as part of a science fiction movie and as the principle of androids … in reality it is a company that, first of all, seeks only to help people with severe neural problems, which affect their mobility and functions basic drives.

The idea of ​​this division of Elon Musk companies is to help brain function through this hardware for those who have suffered, apparently, irreversible damage. Although, of course, it could not be an idea of ​​Elon Musk if he does not address the fantasy like populating Mars or “improving” humans through implanted technologies, so that they can even communicate from their brains with their technological devices.

This August 28, the Neuralink conference will clear all the doubts that we have, but it is most likely that it is the announcement of the beginning of tests with humans, as well as their current progress in development, as it is not and will never be what same a test technology for laboratory animals that direct tests and experiments with people, protected by all existing and existing international treaties and domestic laws.

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