Netherlands vows not to underestimate the Czech Republic

06/26/2021 at 9:07 AM CEST

The Czech Republic not even remotely one of the favorites to win the Eurocup. On the contrary, with a defeat, a draw and a victory, the team had a difficult time qualifying for the next phase: the round of 16. However, the Central European set is a killer of the greats of Europe.

Blind, the central Amsterdam Ajax knows it better than anyone. It was one of the selected to qualify for Euro 2016. In this period, A Clockwork Orange was unable to qualify for the final phase of Euro 2016 because of the Czech Republic, who left them out. This was the case for the first time in thirty years, which can be translated into seven international European events.

A) Yes, they hope not to repeat this scare and forcefully beat the Czechs. Something that would not be especially strange either since this selection is at a very high level, mainly thanks to the performance of Depay, which is playing at an enormous level.

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