Netflix will download content automatically based on your tastes

Netflix will download content automatically based on your tastes (Pixabay)

Netflix will download content automatically based on your tastes | Pixabay

The platform Netflix Now it will download series and movies automatically, based on your tastes to offer offline content in Mexico so that the use of the application is much more profitable for users.

Netflix recently announced changes to its download system on mobile devices and the feature bears the name “Downloads for you”And wants to be an alternative for its users to have new content in the” offline “mode, without the need for them to select it.

Until now, the Netflix app has always allowed you to download all the series Y films That you decide what you want to have and watch later without spending data, however, now, with this function Netflix will also download series and movies that you do not know, but that according to the data it has on the topics you like, it thinks you may be interested .

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Now all we have to do is go to the Settings and Autodownloads option and select up to five GB of space that we want to use for automatic downloads.

The application will tell us how many hours of content they will offer us with the amount of storage selected.

Now, we want you to discover your next new favorite series or movie, in a simple and fast way, whether you have a connection or not. “

By doing this, Netflix will take care of downloading series or movies based on user preferences.

And very similar to other streaming services, we can select whether the download of episodes is done only when the device is connected via Wi-Fi.

As you already know, Netflix collects data about the content you see on its platform, and through it creates a profile with which to know what your personal tastes are.

With this, its algorithms try to offer you new content when you enter its application, personalized recommendations.

A very important detail is that we can assign space for each user profile, so that the content is not mixed.

It is worth mentioning that the function is already available on Android globally and is expected to enter tests on iOS soon.

The truth is that the Netflix streaming service is currently one of the strongest platforms in the world for its original productions and number of subscribers, and they know that the competition with HBO, Amazon Prime Video and Disney + is not something simple, and without counting Paramount + and HBO Max, which has already announced its content, will soon arrive in Latin America.

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That is why they seek to renew themselves day by day and that is what they did again with this new function and several more updates that are coming soon.

This is not the first novelty launched Netflix, since in recent months they offered two functions that users can already enjoy: the first was a modification for the public to listen to series and movies with only the audio, as if it were a podcast and then an option was added for people who they fall asleep watching some content, using a timer that schedules the application to close.

If you love comedies, but you have a long car trip, or if you don’t want to miss the latest romantic movie, but you don’t have an internet connection, we help you to always have something new waiting for you, “says the statement on its website .

Something very important is that if the Downloads are not convincing for you, you can always deactivate them later by hand just as you have activated them.

And although the entire catalog can be downloaded, Netflix indicates that some series and movies may be limited in offline time or other restrictions because they are not their own and Netflix original titles, so they must deal with licenses with third parties.