It is no secret to anyone that in the midst of confinement measures taken in the shadow of the health emergency that hit the entire world, Netflix became one of the big winning brands.

With a large number of audiences with no chance of going out and spending much of their time at home, the Los Gatos, California platform became a great ally for thousands of consumers.

The firm’s business grows

This has translated into a strong boost for the entertainment service business, leveraged by the strength of digital entertainment habits in the midst of the pandemic.

According to a recent GlobalWebIndex survey, 51 percent of those surveyed increased consumption of video platforms during confinement.

In this game Netflix was a recurring option and the phenomenon was directly reflected in the income of the entertainment platform.

According to the financial report delivered by Netflix, during the first quarter of 2020, the jump given by the number of new subscribers to the platform is notable, 15.8 million people joined in the first 3 months of the year.

Compared to the same period last year, they are practically 5 million more new customers which has been achieved by Netflix, which undoubtedly represents good news for the company, if we consider that it was recovering considerably well from a significant drop during the second quarter of 2019, although historically this is a period in which it does not manage to get many clients new.

This contributed to their income amounting to 5 thousand 770 million dollars, exceeding analyst expectations, a growth of 27.6 percent compared to the same period but from the previous year, and to derive in net income of $ 709 million, a growth of 106 percent.

A campaign to leave home

The truth is that for Netflix, in some markets around the world, this reality is about to change.

The confinement measures have been relaxed and it is time to take to the streets to resume activities, an aspect that, on the contrary, seems to be celebrated and applauded by Netflix.

At least this is what the latest outdoor campaign signed by the entertainment platform, which was launched in Spain, has shown him, invites all its users to leave home.

The entertainment service has put a series of spectacular in which phrases such as « Are you still there? Skip Netflix. « 

The tone of the communication is aligned with the latest actions carried out by the firm, which have opted for a risky message and language that goes beyond the conventional and the promotion of the product to generate a real connection with the consumer.

Although with this campaign it could be thought that Netflix is ​​taking a “shot in the foot”, the truth is that the company has gained much more in the eyes of its audiences, who have shown that they do not just follow the platform for its content. ; but also for the emotional connection they feel with this service that has managed to build their own personality.