Netflix will produce a remake of the soap opera Rebelde | Instagram

The entertainment company Netflix will be in charge of produce a remake of the successful novel Rebelde and already has one of the protagonists, so this is totally serious, something that has everyone crazy.

It was in an interview a few months ago that Cris Morena, the creator of the soap opera, confirmed having sold the copyright to Netflix and that they would first bring the Argentine version to life and then focus on the Mexican version.

The series will feature approximately 20 chapters and it’s expected to be quite a youth success on the platform, just as he managed to be Elite and at the moment Control Z.

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Similarly, Morena pointed out that even if it worked, the story would continue to more seasons.

It is worth mentioning that Rebel was in the catalog of the platform, but after the break with Televisa it had to be withdrawal from Netflix definitely.

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The idea in mind is that the story of this new series is as faithful as possible to the original, reason why it will conserve the same personages of the Argentine version, but not those of the Mexican version.

The Argentine novel was so popular at the time that its protagonists became a band Erreway name, as were the Mexican version as well.

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And now, after 4 years of absence, the Barbara Mori’s son and Sergio Mayer will return to screens with Netflix with this new version.

Until now, it is not known what character the son of Bárbara Mori will take, but it is certain that he will be one starring as were Alfonso Herrera, Cristian Chávez and Cristopher Uckerman at the time.

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On the other hand, within the cast stellar will also be found Andrea, daughter of actor Omar Chaparro.

The recordings started several months ago in the Churubusco Studies, but they had to stop when the social confinement due to the virus began.