Netflix, these are the premieres that will have in February 2021

Are you planning your next family weekends but do not know what will be the premieres that Netflx will have in February? If this is your case, we tell you the news that this streaming platform will have.

The platform constantly updates its content, so you won’t have a problem finding new things to see. For this reason, we recommend that you write down the premieres in your diary so that you do not miss any.

These are the Netflix premieres in February. Photo: Pixabay Series The fireflies dance: February 3 Hache: Season 2: February 5 Invisible city: February 5 The funeral home Bernard: February 12 In the pits: February 15 Behind his eyes: February 17 Tribes Europe: February 19 Ginny and Georgia: February 24 Dog Training: February 24 Karate Kid Movies: February 1 Call me by your name: February 1 Black Beach: February 3 Malcolm and Marie: February 5 L’ultimo Paradiso: February 5 Space Sweepers: February 5 Women Big and Small: February 5 The Master of Yin Yang: The Dream of Eternity: February 5 News from the Big World: February 10 Red Dot: February 11 Love to the square: February 11 To all the boys: Forever: February 12 Twilight: February 15 Twilight, the saga: Eclipse: February 15 Twilight, the saga: New Moon: February 15 Twilight, the saga: Breaking Dawn (Part 1): February 15 Twilight, The Saga: Breaking Dawn (Part 2): 1 February 5 The Danish Girl: February 16 Moonrise Kingdom: A Kingdom Under the Moon: February 16 Scarface: February 16 The Pianist: February 16 Jurassic Park III: February 16 Back to the Future II: February 16 Back to Future III: February 16 Jurassic World: Jurassic World: February 16 Jurassic Park: February 16 Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you: February 19 Mission: Impossible – Repercussion: February 20 Crazy about her: February 26 On the same wave : February 26 Documentaries and specials Dislodge yourself, rise up: February 5 Planet Earth Mission: February 9 Crime scene: Disappearance at Cecil hotel: February 10 The mole agent: February 19 Pelé: February 23 Anime One Piece: Alabasta: February 12 One Piece: The Great Maritime Route: February 12 One Piece: Chopper on Winter Island: February 12 Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan: February 18 Invasion in the Heights: February 25 TIGER & BUNNY: 28 February Children’s movies and series Octonauts: Season 1: 1 February Kid Cosmic: February 2 Mighty Express: Season 2: February 2 Xico’s Way: February 12 Safari Mission: An interactive You vs. Wild: February 16

So now you know, prepare your agenda and write down all the new content that you can enjoy on this streaming platform in a few days. If you do not have a subscription, you can hire one on a monthly or annual basis, depending on the amount you want to pay.

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