French football matches will begin airing on August 17 only in Europe.

The package includes matches from Ligue 1, Ligue 2, as well as Champions League and Europa League.

Netflix’s agreement is with the Catalan company Mediapro.

As of the following season, Netflix, in alliance with Mediapro, will broadcast French soccer matches (Ligue 1), according to the newspaper L’Équipe. The service will be available from August 17 only in Europe. Mediapro is a Spanish audiovisual group from Barcelona founded in 1994.

In addition to the broadcast of Ligue 1 matches, the package that Netflix proposes is to include Ligue 2, Champions and Europa League matches that are still unknown what volume they will reach. This has been confirmed by Jaume Roures, director of Mediapro, and Julien Bergeaud, the visible head of the Catalan company in France, who have given this step as the opportunity to “offer the best of French and European football and the best of entertainment within the same commercial offer ”.

Although Ligue 1 of French football is not one of the highest quality competitions in Europe, this represents the first major move by Netflix that could mean adding leagues of greater caliber such as Italian, English or Spanish to its catalog in the future. undefined.

Streaming is gaining ground

This alliance comes to demonstrate the great boom that streaming has in the present and the capacity it has to gain more and more ground. According to Forbes data from April 22, Netflix added 15.8 million users between January and March 2020. Of these, 40 percent correspond to US subscribers.

And the play serves as a benchmark for the rest of the platforms that could initiate similar plays and with this give a blow to the television stations, which historically have been the big winners when it comes to broadcasting soccer matches globally. But is it something that is about to change?

Although the alliance between Netflix and Mediapro is to broadcast games (that is, they will not be shown live), the above is a move that could affect the rating of television stations that also usually broadcast games. With this they would be losing exclusivity in this field.

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Latent threat

In the event that this modality is successful in Europe, it is very likely that the broadcasting of matches will also expand to Netflix platforms in the United States and Latin America, territories where soccer is extremely popular.

While the broadcast of live games is still not a reality for Netflix, television stations can still breathe easy knowing that this right continues to correspond to them, but the threat is increasingly latent. Streaming is gaining ground and is becoming increasingly popular, especially among younger audiences.

It is also worth mentioning that this Netflix movement to transmit the actions of French soccer opens the way for other brands such as Amazon Prime or HBO GO to set their sights on an area that little by little can become a reality.

Will the time come when Netflix takes over live event streaming or will it always live in the format of timeless content? However, the reality is that television has one more reason to tremble because of the emergence of streaming as the number one enemy.