Netflix sends Disney Plus message on Twitter and there is already a response from the rival

Disney Plus accumulates 73.7 million users in the fourth quarter of the year.

The platform will have exclusive content from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic.

Netflix welcomes you through social networks and the topic is already madness from now on.

The new archrival of Netflix Latin America is Disney Plus that arrives in the region in a few hours and that is already in trend because it sweeps streaming. Netflix knows it can’t stop the power of Disney Plus, so it decided to “join the enemy” and welcomed it to the region via Twitter.

Today is the turn to arrive in Mexico and Latin America and this is how Netflix receives it: “Hello Disney Plus Latin America, Welcome to Latin America! You’ll see that here are the best fans. May the Force be with you and Hakuna Matata, ”Reed Hastings’s company told Mickey Mouse’s company.

And there is a response very much in the style of the “mistake” joke that Disney Plus made when it leaked its launch date in Latam: “DO NOT PUBLISH: respond by confirming that Latin American fans are the best and confess all our love for the stories of @netflixlat * Note: stop using this resource (for a while) ”.

Later Netflix joked a bit with what it has always indicated, that its users tend to annoy it by asking for seasons and content to advance insistently.

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This movement reveals that Netflix knows that a new rival has arrived that points to its crown, Disney Plus will operate in Mexico and other countries in the region from this Tuesday, November 17, and will arrive with more than 73 million users worldwide.

Not even Disney itself expected to have this 2020; in fact, his calculations were to get between 60 and 90 million users by 2024, but they have reached the goals since their first year And even without reaching the huge Latin American market, the numbers have yet to be added after its debut today, but it is already impressing the world.

Meanwhile, Netflix has 89 percent of subscribers to paid online video platforms known as Over The Top (OTT), according to figures from the consultancy Statista. It leads with 195 million subscribers, but it is the longest-running company.

But you never have to trust yourself and apparently the platform knows that, it also knows the love that the brand receives from its consumers and that it will handle a very familiar and friendly strategy, just as it has always done, so it decided to go ahead and also remind its users how great “Uncle Netflix” is and how he managed to connect on social networks like no other … until now.