Netflix reveals 3 mysteries of Walter Mercado in his documentary | Instagram

Walter Mercado kept on mystery many things in his life in his later years and finally came to light, all thanks to his recent documentary made by the Netflix platform.

Much Much Love: the legend of Walter Mercado has been one of the documentaries that have created the most controversy and without a doubt one of the most awaited by the public.

In this it is narrated how did you start your career as an astrologer in the 90’s, as well as revealed his greatest secrets and some tragedies in which he was involved.

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Walter is a person who managed to highlight that there is nothing more incredible than when things come to you by surpriseBecause the icon of the stars was born one day that he went to promote a work on television.

In this work Mercado was going characterized with a cape and at that very moment producer Elin Ortiz changed the angle of the interview, asking Walter to speak about tarot cards and horoscopes.

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Three months after said promotional, he obtained his own program and little by little he was recognized not only in his country or in Latin America, but throughout the world.

Unfortunately throughout his career, he was full of criticism, ridicule and even parodies of himself, But Walter knew how to stand firm against his ideals and managed to captivate millions of people.

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Walter from childhood was formed as dancer, theater and television actor, which helped him create his character that characterized him so much.

In the documentary they showed us the legal battle why the famous astrologer had to face the man who launched him to fame.

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Unfortunately market could not collect money or appear on programs or public life, this because he had signed documents granting rights even to his name.

Being close to the end of the stormy trial, suffered a heart attack, but until the last day of his life he was fortunately accompanied by his loved ones, fans, and his confidant, assistant and friend.

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It is worth mentioning that Walter Mercado became quite a latin iconinternational star LGBT + Legend in addition to being the bedside astrologer.