These types of temporary prices are quite common by Netflix, where they look for the best option to try to attract a greater number of users. Netflix so far offered its month free in countries such as Germany, Switzerland, the Czech Republic or the United States, while in Spain, France, the Netherlands, Canada, the United Kingdom or Poland they did not; probably because users abuse this mode, or because the platform is known enough to not need to offer a free trial period before using it.

Less than a month later, goodbye to the free Netflix month

On August 25, ADSLZone was the first to report that Netflix was re-offering the free month in Spain, or at a reduced price depending on what the website decides to show you. Thus, it was possible to find you with four price options: 3.99 euros; 0.99 euros; 0.05 euros and free. The option was available to new subscribers on the web.

Unfortunately, from today, this option has disappeared of the website, and it is no longer possible to enjoy a cheap or free first month, the option to subscribe appears directly. Netflix’s free month has not only disappeared from Spain, but also from other countries in the world where it was available, such as Germany. In some such as Switzerland or the United States it is still available, although depending on whether you are lucky or not, in those countries it does not appear when entering.

netflix complete subscription

These types of changes are common on the part of Netflix, which is conducting tests to see what attracts or does not attract users in order to gain subscribers. This test, therefore, has ended its useful life for the platform.

New way to display subscription plans

The platform has also made changes to the aesthetics of the way to show the plans. Instead of showing them with a horizontal layout, now they do it vertically, and with a more modern and simple style that allows us to see more easily what each plan offers at the resolution level or for simultaneous users who can use the same plan.

netflix plans

The prices, of course, remain as they were until now, with the Premium plan costing 15.99 euros, in the Standard plan 11.99 euros, and the Basic plan 7.99 euros. However, the visual change that the platform has implemented is curious, where the Premium mode is given a greater presence, which offers Netflix content in 4K and HDR with up to 4 simultaneous streams. Until now, the first modality we saw was the Basic plan, and you had to look to the right to get to the Premium. In this way, they may be looking to increase the number of users who choose the most expensive plan instead of the cheapest.