The first season of Dark, the first Netflix original production in Germany, premiered on December 1, 2017. The series was originally compared to Stranger Things for some similar elements in its history such as the fact that both are set in a town with a strange nuclear or military institution.

Also because a series of strange events that go from the supernatural to science fiction begin to unfold. But from there on out, There is no point of comparison in the story, narrative, and character development.

They have finished the final season of 'Dark': When could it be released?

Jonas and his mother Hannah in the second season of ‘Dark’. / Netflix


The first season of Dark on Netflix received positive reviews from specialized media and audiences.s despite, even, being extremely complex due to the treatment given to the idea of ​​traveling through time without altering the facts, but “accommodating” them in the present so that the future and the past, which play at being the same in different perspectives, don’t look so tragic.

The second installment was sensational, since the development in the three times of each of the main characters was respected. And this 2020, comes the third and last season of Dark, which has just released its first teaser trailer.

In this first preview, we see the three main characters in the Dark story: Jonas, Adam and Martha after the first day of the apocalypse, and the phrase that has been constant is repeated “The end is the beginning. And the beginning is the end“; therefore, in this preview and from what will be seen in the third season, we will witness the first and last cycle of Winden and its inhabitants.

The release date of this latest installment, scheduled for June 27, 2020, as stipulated in some theories, is also revealed. In the series, the apocalypse begins on June 27, 2020 from a nuclear situation in Winden. that we wouldn’t dare call an accident. Jonas is one of the survivors, as well as Claudia Tiedeman, who receives him as a kind of disciple to learn how to time travel and not to alter the facts, but to accommodate them.

Adam, character from ‘Dark’. / Netflix


This date is extremely exciting, as it respects the timeline presented since the first season. For example, a year ago, on June 21, 2019, the second installment was released, and as we remember, eOn June 21, 2019, Michael Kahnwald (Mikkel Nielsen) committed suicide, unleashing the entire series of events …

Dark stars Jonas, a young man who discovers the possibility of traveling through time through some caves in Winden (his people) that are under a nuclear plant. Everything starts when On June 21, 2019, Michael Kahnwald, Jonas’s father, commits suicide for no apparent reason.

Michael is the father of Jonas. Months later, the night of November 4, 2019, Mikkel Nielsen disappears into the caves, and discovers that she has reached November 5, 1986 when her father Ulrich was a teenager. Mikkel is adopted by nurse Ines Kahnwald … and this is how Michael is Mikkel in different timelines.

Mikkel in the first season of ‘Dark’. / Netflix

Mikkel / Michael is the only one who understands, at first, what is happening and its implications, and his death opens endless possibilities for when A young man from the village, from 2019, disappears at the same time that the body of a child appears in the forest.

Based on different scientific theories such as the Einstein-Rosen bridge –The wormhole and the Higgs field– the characters travel through time in a 33-year cycle. The present is 2019 (by the time the series starts), then the subject travels to 1986, 1953, or to the future in 2052. For the second season, we discovered that the apocalypse is coming, and the date is June 27, 2020 with some survivors that we are discovering such as Jonas (who traveled to the future), Claudia Tiedemann and Elisabeth.

Here we leave you the teaser for the third and last season of Dark, which will be part of the Netflix catalog on June 27:

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